Overview and FAQ

Goal:​ Enlist lot owners to support our Braesmont Security Patrol Initiative.

The security and safety of our homes is everyone’s concern. Please join with the Braesmont Security Patrol Initiative team to amend our Deed Restrictions to fund a Patrol Service to help protect our homes.

What is Needed to Discourage Crime in the Braesmont Area: According to Harris County Constable Ted Heap, the two keys to reducing crime in an area are 1) Visibility of Uniformed Officers; 2) Response Time to resident calls.

Our Security Patrol Initiative Amendment will provide the requirement for the mandatory dues necessary to fund a dedicated Constable to patrol for our 400 home neighborhood. We have tried voluntary security dues. We were never able to fund and sustain an effective patrol.

What will be the cost of 40 hr/week constable patrol service: The amendment will require $300/year ($250 / Patrol Assessment, $50 / Annual Assessment) per lot. We plan to contract with the Harris County Constable Service for 40 hours/week of Patrol Service with round the clock on call. Their current response time 24/hours per day is two to five minutes. Seven of the the nine neighborhoods in the Greater Meyerland Super Neighborhood #31 currently contract with the Constable Service. Thieves will migrate to the easiest victims.

What else is in the Amendment:

  • A Property Owner’s Association (POA) is required to manage the Patrol Service and perform duties previously handled by the Civic Club. All lot owners will be POA members.
  • Any future votes will be one vote per lot.
  • Owners asked us to avoid unnecessary restrictions and requirements on your homes. We heard them

You can read the proposed amendments here.