Crime Data Analysis

Download the full analysis here: Crime Data Summary 2010-2017

Harold has done an analysis of published monthly Houston Police Department (HPD) crime data from 2010 to 2017. See the download for the link to the HPD site. While we think that some crime goes unreported, we have no way of knowing how often that happens. Here are his basic findings:

  • Summary by hour (crimes/hr means total crimes from 2010 – 2017 in that hour)
    • We will want our Constable on patrol from 7am to 3pm for maximum effectiveness
    • Peak crime hours are 7am to noon (12-18 crimes/hr)
    • Crime slows after noon (to 5-12 crimes/hr)
    • Least crime is 9pm – 7am (1-8 crimes/hr)
  • Summary by year
    • The full years of 2010-2017 fluctuate between 15 to 36 crimes per year including Atwell to Renwick in the 5400 block