November 9th Meeting Review

On November 9th, the Braesmont Civic Club presented a program to inform our homeowners about a proposal to obtain a constable patrol program for our neighborhood. Constable Ted Heap and Lt. Mitch Hutter of Harris County Precinct 5 provided an overview and answered questions about their “contract patrol service.”

Harold Eaton presented information about the about the proposed amendment to our deed restrictions that would be required to sustain the patrol service.  Courtney Palm, attorney with Hoover Slovacek and a Braesmont resident, helped answer questions about the amendment. The meeting allowed us to interact and learn from homeowners expressing for, against, and undecided positions. Our project team is meeting next week to develop good reference materials for our homeowners.

Please review the proposed amendment and key points document:

Braesmont Section One Amendment
Key Points of Braesmont Amendment